About us

singers best in a nut shell!

Changing the face of music training and education in Nigeria


illions aspire to study music, make their songs, and get lots of helps in music, but many go in the wrong direction.

Singers Best Graduants

A Professional Music Institution and one of the finest in Africa; SingersBest is a duly registered institution which provides strategic courses and efficient training programmes in: Constructing Musical interest, Developing Musical talents and Building Musical careers of individuals or groups, irrespective of age or education at SingersBest, there is a provision for you.


Training includes: Music Study programs, Vocal/Instrumental training (Diploma and Certificate) On all Keyboard Instruments, Orchestra and Popular instruments of the Wood-wind, Brass, Stringed and Percussion families; Voice training, Sound Engineering, Music Productions, Music Teachers Training Course.


Pianos, Strings, Brass, wind, and kinds of Percussions for practical and effective training are all available at our academy; Standard classrooms, State-of-the-art Studio, equipped for all kinds of recording and voice training. World class public address systems for outdoor shows and concerts are readily available for hiring services.


We are the Publishers of the avowed Nigerian best ever Music Textbooks for schools (Primary and Secondary schools). Other books and materials authored by SingersBest, some Nigerian and foreign authors are used at the academy and equally available in our library for research works and students adventures.

Our Goals

  • To produce an individual who can appreciate, understand, and communicate any work of music within his ability, and also be able to create his own work.
  • To bring out the art in every scholar and make him realize his aspirations and unfold his potentials and God-given gifts of music.
  • To be able to appreciate the beauty of his world of colours and sounds, and also respond to them in the right way.
  • To give the youth/adult good economic stand and financial liberty in the society which will make him fit in any call for professional duties in the field through a well guided training course within a short while, and thereby contribute to the nation’s economic strength.

Brief History

singers best in a nut shell!

Singers Best is God’s stretched out hands to cause a great change in music training and education in the life of many prospective musicians. The Academy has trained and produced hundreds of music scholars and musicians, both old and young. Most of these people are now music directors at different churches, music instructors, instrumentalists, professional musicians; some are outside the country and music is their life while some trained to only use it for personal pleasure.

Rhythm is a chief element of music, and also a strong element of life. It is an impetus that is active in the hand of the Maker to keep this terrestrial globe in a steady motion—no rhythm, no life. Behold the rhythm of the skies, the rhythm of the sea, the rhythm of day and night, winter and summer. Rhythm is what the preacher describes in Ecclesiastic writings as: “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven...” This is also what the great Psalmist describes as: “Though sorrows may last for a night, joy comes in the morning.”

I make bold to say, therefore, that a home, life, ministry, school, business, or business without music is not yet on the course of fulfilling its purpose.

Since the birth of this institution, we have been taking giant strides to join the very few available in reorienting many, restructuring and restabilising qualitative music training and education in the nation, but we are starting with our immediate environment.

Everything started in February 2003. My first music book titled “Singers’ Best” was published in December 2002, which was formally presented at Eko FM in Lagos. After then a music seminar was organized in February 16th 2003, still in Lagos, for choirs and singers, under the umbrella of “Singers Best Foundation.” Thereupon this whole vision was inaugurated.

It was in 2004 that Port Harcourt began its journey to total freedom from pseudo music training and education with the emergence of Singers Best in the city. Meanwhile my original mission to Port Harcourt was not Singers Best; I came in as a minister of the gospel through the leading of the Comforter, as an ordained minister of the gospel with Kingdom of Heaven on Earth Mission. And as a musicologist in my own right and an active Soul in music ministry this twenty two years, also an advocate for true music training and education, the spirit which has been formally inaugurated the year before; it was incumbent on me to continue so in my new settlement.

The Executive Director